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Why Organic Fertilizer Usage Is So Important?
Dec 07, 2017

Recently, vegetable farmers pay more attention to the conservation of greenhouse soil, such as the use summer sheds, and a variety of soil conditioning agent to condition soil, but the soil compaction and salinization in greenhouse is still very serious. Many vegetable growers pay attention to the use of organic fertilizer, but many soil samples testing still show that the soil organic matter content is very low. There are still some vegetable growers using fertilizer extensively, which leads to high content of total salt and exceeding of NPK in soil.


In general, the problems in soil and fertilizer mainly focus on the following four aspects:

First, the soil permeability is very poor;

Second, the soil organic matter content is insufficient;

Third, soil salinization is more serious;

Fourth, extensive use of biological fertilizer, but the effect is not so good.


The proper use of organic manure can rapidly increase soil organic matter, improve soil permeability, alleviate soil fatigue, improve soil buffering ability, and provide a good environment for the growth of vegetables.


Increasing the content of soil organic matter is not complete in a short time, it needs a long process, because the organic matter in soil is easy to decompose under the action of soil microorganism, so that the organic matter in soil can be reduced greatly, so the vegetable grower should use organic fertilizer year after year.