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Why Is Humic Acid Fertilizer The Most Environmentally Friendly? !
Jul 19, 2018

Humic acid powder

Humus is a complex molecular structure of macromolecular polymers with carboxyl, phenolic, ketone and other reactive groups with molecular weights ranging from 102 to 106. The composition of different sources of humus is also different. According to the difference in solubility in acid and alkali, humic acid can also be divided into: humic acid (HA), fulvic acid (FA) and humin.

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1. HA is a complexing agent for trace metals

On the one hand, the presence of humic acid reduces the content of metal ions and trace elements in water, and the degree of mineralization decreases, thereby destroying the adsorption and balance of certain elements such as Ca, Mg, Mn, V, Mo, SO2 -4, etc.; On the one hand, it can affect the toxicity and bioavailability of metal ions.

2. Changes in humic acid properties caused by acidification of water

As the living environment of human beings deteriorates, the pH of natural waters such as lakes decreases. The organic nitrogen content of HS in water increases. The ratio of hydrophobic substances to hydrophilic substances decreases. The carbon content and the acidity of carboxyl groups reduce oxygen. The content and the acidity of phenols and aldehydes increase, which leads to the toxicity of fish and the increase of primary production of phytoplankton, and the disappearance of some major zooplankton species, and the increase of epiphytic plants in the treated watershed by mega-plants.