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Why Humic Acid Can Repair Soil
Nov 14, 2017

Another "destruction" of soil is organic pollutants, mainly petroleum and pyrolysis products, pesticides, organic synthetic products (such as plastic film, etc.);


Humic acid can be immobilized in soil by increasing the adsorption and stability of organic matter, so as to achieve the effect of "detoxification" to the soil.


Humic acid "degradable film" produced by heavy humic acid as raw material has both the effect of warming and water retention and fertilizer conservation, the degradation of humic acid organic fertilizer after 2-3 months, the natural emergence of crops, and the avoidance of "white pollution" caused by plastic film.


Humic acid can be used to control saline-alkali soil below 1 meters underground water level.


Humic acid can be combined with the calcium-iron ions of other addictives, it is the most effective method to completely administer saline-alkali land from the source by promoting the formation of large granular aggregates in the fine granular soil with $number centimeters, reducing the capillarity of fine-grained soil, and greatly reducing the salinity of evaporation water carrying salt to the surface and accumulating gradually.


Application of humic acid in fertilizer: fertilizer is also a source of heavy metal into the soil, causing soil pollution, such as low content of phosphate fertilizer, low quality calcium silicate soil conditioner and low quality organic fertilizer, etc.


At present, humic acid is more and more widely used in the field of high quality fertilizers. For example, all kinds of compound fertilizer containing humic acid, humic acid water soluble fertilizer, organic manure containing humic acid, organic and inorganic fertilizer, in addition to the synergism of fertilizer, can also improve the soil aggregates structure, enhance the beneficial microbial activity, also can as mentioned above, on soil salinization, heavy metal , organic pollutants and so on to gradually control the role. ( The ends )