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Why Does Organic Fertilizer Have The Function Of Water Retention And Fertilization?
Feb 01, 2018

The soil organic matter in nature mainly comes from the vegetation on the ground, the microorganism in soil and the residue of animal and plant root in soil. The stable humus material formed by complex biochemical, it is the main body of soil organic matter, and accounted for the majority of total organic matter.


In general, humic acid is an organic colloid with a large surface activity that plays an important role in the adsorption of soluble nutrients. The CEC of humic acid is 4 and 5 times larger than that of clay, which can enhance soil fertility.


The effect of soil loosening of organic matter increases the porosity of soils, which improved soil water permeability, the water absorption rate of humic acid is 10 times higher than that of clay, which can improve soil pore condition and improve soil water retention.


Studies on the hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity of humus show that they are determined by side chains on the edge of the humic acid molecule, and are connected with non aromatic group (aliphatic) groups on the side chain. When the polymerization degree of the humic acid molecule is small, the amount of the side chain group is larger, and there is an inverse relation between them, and the relationship between the humus material and the water molecule determines the moisture property of the organic material.

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