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Who Said Humic Acid Is Not As Precious As Gold?
Jul 24, 2017


"Who said Humic Acid is not as precious as gold" opened the prelude to the construction of "humic acid poetry culture". Later, the industry emerged as the Henan Provincial Academy of Sciences Institute of Chemistry Wang Tianli and Wang Shuqi researcher's poem <<Infinite scenery more glorious>> <<Thirty years confusion>>, Kunming industry experts Ding Cai-ping (deceased) the poem <<Commemorative magazine thirty years>>, Inner Mongolia humic acid industry association vice chairman of the Mr. Shi zhaonian’s poem <<Miraculous and Wonderful>> and more than a dozen poems. 

In 2017, celebrated humic acid poetry are unprecedented increased. Director Zeng kept every day writing, or poetry, or prose, or couplet, to express endless love for humic acid. He also prepared three poetries for the 60th anniversary of the development of China's humic acid environment-friendly industry, will be showed to us on 21th, July. At the same time, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering Professor Huang Zhanbin poem praise <<Humic acid, you are the bride of the earth>>, the editorial department Yuan Xiaona's poem praise <<Celebrate Jia Zuhua chapter>>, Inner Mongolia humic acid industry association Shi Zhaonian Vice President of the poem praised the <<Human humic acid>>, China National Offshore Oil International Co., Ltd. Sun Weizheng poem praise <<Humic Acid refresh our hearts>>, from different regions, different areas, different enterprises or individuals more than 100 exquisite works competing for the 60th anniversary of the development of China's humic acid environment-friendly industry present gifts.

The good things are always make people looking forward, like poetry and distant fields. Over the past few years, under the leadership of the president Zeng, the whole industry "Humic Acid culture" communication, penetration, influence is growing.