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Where Is Humic Acid From?
Aug 30, 2018

Where is humic acid from?

Humic Acid is the byproduct of an 80 million year old, ongoing process of humification? It is a natural geological process (like photosynthesis) which creates a byproduct known as humates (which humic acid is derived from). It takes place as ancient seaweed, plants, vegetation and fruit trees compress over time.

The right combination of organic compounds combined with geological conditions such as pressure and temperature over the course of 80 million years is what makes humic acid so special. After ancient seaweed and vegetation were buried in certain parts of the world a very long time ago, these plants and seaweed pressurized and formed new substances that have been shown to drastically benefit human health. These are called humic acid.

Humic acid has a subcomponent that is similar in molecular structure but unique in its benefits and chemical makeup.