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When Will Humic Acid Be Used?
Jan 16, 2018

Generally, the function of humic acid can be divided into the following two types. Humic acid can play an important role in improving soil physical and chemical characters and fertilizer utilization; It can also play an important role in promoting growth in plants.


Humic acid should be used under the following condition.


1. If it is acidification soil or saline-alkali soil , humic acid can adjust soil ph to create a good environment for crop roots growth.

2. Humic acid can reduce the soil conductivity and the free salt in soil, which is caused by soil salinization, soil compaction and lack of organic matter after the excessive fertilizer use.

3. Humic acid can provide carbon sources for biological bacteria to increase the breeding speed and number of beneficial bacteria, so the biological agent can play a better effect.

4. In low temperature, especially in winter, it may lead to a lower water temperature, when potassium nitrate dissolved in water. Humic acid can alleviate the adverse effects of low-temperature on the root system. In addition, after applying of humic acid, the surface color will be darker, it is easier to absorb the sunlight, which is beneficial to improve the ground temperature.

5. The use of humic acid in the dry season and before the rainy season can help to reduce the field losses after drought and flooding to a certain extent .

6. Humic acid can promote the development of crop roots.

7. Humic acid is beneficial to the crops, which has the requirement of color and surface smoothness.It can promote the synthesis of waxy, keratin and lignin on the surface of crops.

8. Humic acid can increase the number of cells in the enlarged area and increase cell volume to expand the crops.

9. Humic acid can help to recover the plant growth rapidly, which has a weak growth condition before.

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