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What You Want To Know About Humic Acid
Jul 06, 2017


Humic acid resources: In nature, although the large volume reserves of humic acid, but more undesirable, and the use of mineral humic acid industry becomes inevitable. China has 200 billion tons of decomposed coall, lignite, peat, humic acid contains 40% to 70%, the value of about 300 trillion yuan (1,300 yuan per ton of sodium humate).


Application areas: China exists 35 categories of industries, belonging to agriculture, the environment, industry, medicine and other four areas, mainly to the agricultural environment. Industrial system of humic acid base products (salt, nitro, industrial, etc.), to meet the industrial and agricultural production.

Export: China is humic acid exporting country, mainly exported to Japan, Europe, South America and other places.


Patent literature: Up to December 2014, there were 3,647 humic acid patents registered with the State Intellectual Property Office. Among them, humic acid fertilizer patent 2,164, accounting for 59.3% of the total number of patents. At present, the number of humic acid literature included in the Chinese knowledge network has reached more than 25,000 articles. Among them, the number of agricultural application literature more than 60%, worthy of the first agricultural.


Fertilizer registration products: Up to June 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture registered a total of 1,580 water-soluble humic acid products, suitable for vegetable crops, field crops, cash crops, fruits and other varieties of thousands of varieties, involving 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the thousands of enterprises.