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What Misconceptions Should Be Avoid When Fertilizing
Mar 30, 2018

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If farmers do not pay attention to the improper fertilization, it will result in poor efficiency, slow results, and even the death of plants:

1. Only use compound fertilizer

Compound fertilizers only contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements. Only very few compound fertilizers contain a small number of varieties containing zinc and boron elements. If we do not pay attention to supply effective micro nutrient and organic activation of nutrients in time, it will still have a serious impact on crop quality and yield.

2. The quicker to dissolve, the better the fertilizer is

Dissolve quickly will not give the crop enough time to absorb. It is also a waste. So this is the reason why a number of products are added slow-release agent: to ensure the crop’s need of nutrient absorbing time.

3. Pay attention to chemical fertilizer, but despise the role of organic fertilizer

Some farmers ignore the role of organic fertilizer. So their application amount for organic fertilizer has been reduced year by year. Some orchards do not apply organic fertilizers no longer. They just maintain production by chemical fertilizers, which causes soil compaction, and then decrease fruit quality.

4. Excessive use of one certain nutrients

This will not only poison the crops, but also hinder the absorption of nutrients to the crops, causing the deficiency of the disease. For example, excessive nitrogen can cause calcium deficiency; too much nitrate can cause molybdenum deficiency; too much potassium can reduce the effectiveness of calcium, magnesium and boron; and too much phosphorus can reduce the effectiveness of calcium, zinc and boron.