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What Harm Does The Immature Organic Fertilizer Application In Garden?
Feb 08, 2018

1, Burning roots: Most of farm manure are derived from animals wastes, it contains a large number of organic matter. The nutrient state of these immature organic fertilizers is slow-effective, it can not be directly absorbed by the roots of fruit trees and use. If it is applied, in the process of decomposing underground, denitrification enhanced a lot, it may bring more heat to hurt the roots(commonly known as "burning Root") and cause root rot.


2, the nutrient release and the tree body fertilizer requirement is not synchronized: in autumn, when the immature organic fertilizer is applied, the soil temperature is very low at that time, and the fertilizer also combined with garden soil layer. Under this condition, it may take a longer time to mature in the ground. In the spring of the 2nd year, although the ground temperature rise up, if there is no sufficient rain, the rate of organic manure maturation is still very slow, at this time it may need a lot of nutrients to fulfill the blossom and bearing fruit requirement. However the slow mature organic fertilizer can only release limited organic nutrients, it can not meet the needs of plants. At the same time, during the maturation process, microorganisms also consume some nutrients, which existed in the soil of tree’s roots(such as nitrogen fertilizer), so the tree itself present malnutrition condition. When it comes into the 2nd year’s summer and autumn, there will be more rainfall, the ground temperature rises rapidly, the speed of maturation for the last year’s left fertilizers are accelerated obviously. It can release more nutrients, which can be absorbed by plants, which lead to tree’s fast growth, branches excessive growth, poor coloring of fruit, excessive nutrient growth, poor differentiation ability of flower, So that a large number of organic nutrients wasted, tree nutrition supply lost it’s balance.


3, It is easy to attract overwintering pest under ground. The immature organic fertilizer contains a large number of animal organic matter, so it becomes the ideal wintering place for many fruit pests, especially for all kinds of beetles (grubs), peach, moth, pear nets, etc., which is harmful for fruit trees growth. The pest control in the coming year is extremely unfavorable.


Solution: Firstly, the organic fertilizer should be produced in advance, so it can be totally maturation. Secondly, we can add appropriate microbial fertilizer together to promote the trees absorbtion of organic fertilizer effectively. At last, the winter fertilizer can be used in autumn. In autumn, the relevant temperature and humidity is suitable, it’s the fruit trees’ root growth peak for most local fruit trees. If the organic fertilizer can be decomposed timely and absorbed by plants to promote plant growth, so it can accumulate sufficient assimilated substances for next years’s growth.

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