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What Are The Three Major Soil Problems Affecting The Growth Of Crops?
Jan 26, 2018

The changes of soil temperature, air permeability and soil ph value directly affect fertilizer efficiency and crop growth.

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1. Soil temperature

If the soil temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the absorption of nutrients. For example, low soil temperature will affect the uptake of phosphorus in crops. The solution is to improve the temperature or mulch, and use foliar spraying fertilizer to supplement nutrients.


2. Soil air permeability

If the soil is loose and has good permeability, it can significantly improve nutrient absorption efficiency. In compacted soils or poorly permeable soils, crops cannot absorb nutrients easily. The solution is to let straw return field, loosen soil, and apply organic fertilizer, etc.


3. The pH value of soil

When the soil ph is 6.5-7, the activity of nutrients in soil reaches the maximum value. When crops are in acidic or alkaline soils, they will produce various problems caused by insufficient nutrient uptake. In alkaline soils, the uptake of phosphorus by crops is poor.