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What Are The Major Factors In Soil Improvement?
Oct 16, 2018

What are the major factors in soil improvement?


1. pH

Soil pH affects soil fertility and healthy growth of crops. All kinds of nutrients in the soil are most effective when the pH is neutral. The acidity or alkalinity will affect the absorption of some trace elements by crops.


2. Organic matter

Soil organic matter has a great influence on soil fertility, and the soil organic matter content suitable for cultivation should be kept above 20%.


3. Salt content

The soil salt content can determine whether the soil is healthy and suitable for planting. If the soil salt content is too high, there will be a tendency of salinization, which directly affects the growth of vegetable roots.


4. Trace elements

If there is a lack of essential nutrients in the soil, even if there are more nutrients, no good yield will be obtained.


5. Microbes

Soil microorganisms can form soil structure, and can decompose organic matter, decompose minerals, and degrade residual pesticides in soil.