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What Are The Main Characteristics Of Potassium Fulvate Water Soluble Fertilizer?
Apr 26, 2018

Potassium fulvic acid water-soluble fertilizer can promote root seedlings, preserve flowers, preserve fruits, and brighten fruits and improve fruit tree pollination ability. So what are the characteristics of potassium fulvic acid water-soluble fertilizer?


1. Stimulate crop growth. After application, the fertilizer penetrates into the interior of the plant tissue and rapidly enhances the nutritional immunity of the crop by 5,000 times. The crop plants will become thick, green, dwarf and healthy than before. The pollen amount is more than 60 times that of usual, and pollination time is prolonged for more than 2 days at the flowering stage.


2. Enhances photosynthesis of plants and stimulates cell division.


3. Improve soil condition, potassium fulvate will form colloidal substances in the soil, which can bind the soil particles, increase the water-stable aggregates in the soil, and coordinate the water, fertilizer, gas, and heat conditions of the soil. It is effective for improving poor soils such as over-sanding and over-adhesion to improve the ecological environment of crops. Potassium fulvate improves the saline-alkali soil and contains more active genes and large exchange capacity of salt base.

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