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What Are The Effects And Effects Of Amino Acids On Crops?
Aug 01, 2018

The amino acid contains a variety of functional groups, and the activated amino acid becomes a highly effective biological active substance, which has a stimulating effect on crop growth and physiological metabolism in the body, and comprehensively manifests in the promotion of root development, and has a good influence on crop yield and quality.

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Effects of amino acids on crop development

1. Early germination, high emergence rate

The application of amino acid and humic acid can accelerate seed germination and increase the emergence rate, especially in early spring and low temperature (generally germination 1 to 3 days earlier, and the emergence rate is increased by 10 to 30%).

2. The root system is developed and the absorption is strong.

Amino acids have a special role in promoting the root development of crops. Many agricultural scientists call amino acids "root fertilizers". The effects on roots are mainly caused by stimulating the division and growth of meristematic cells at the root end, making the seedlings root faster. Increased secondary roots, increased root mass, and elongation of the roots ultimately lead to a significant increase in the ability of crops to absorb water and nutrients.

3. Effects on the growth of above-ground vegetative bodies

On the basis of sufficient nutrient supply, the stimulation of amino acids can make the above-ground vegetative growth of plants strong, which is manifested in plant height, stem diameter, number of leaves and accumulation of dry matter.

4. Impact on production and composition factors

Amino acids have different yields and components for different crops. They have an effect on yielding crops, spikes, grains, and 1000-grain weight. In the early stage, they have good effects on tillering and reducing openness.