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What Are The Characteristics Of Bio-organic Fertilizer
Feb 02, 2018

Bio-organic fertilizer contains all kinds of nutrients and rich organic matter needed by crops. It is not only without pollution, the fertilizer effect is lasting, helps to strong seedling & improve disease resistance, improve soil, enhance the yield, and improve the quality of crops, but also can overcome the massive use of chemical fertilizer and the pesticide, which bring out environmental pollution, ecological destruction, soil fertility decline and so on. Bio-organic fertilizer has the following significant features.


Comprehensive nutrition and lasting fertilizer effect

Bio-organic fertilizer has comprehensive nutrients since it is abundant in organic matter, humic acid, amino acid and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, zinc, copper, boron, manganese, iron and so on. Organic matter, humic acid and amino acid can continuously release the nutrients and hormones needed for plant growth through microbial activity, regulate the growth of plants, promote root development, absorb nutrient elements, improve chlorophyll content, enhance photosynthesis, achieve a quick& lasting fertilizer effect and promote stable and high-yield agricultural production


Improve the soil and enhance soil fertility

With a large number of bio-organic fertilizer, can improve soil physical properties, prevent soil compaction, acidification and salinization and increase soil aggregates structure. All that makes the soil loose, is conducive to water holding, fertilization, ventilation, promote root development, and improve the biological flora so that the beneficial microorganisms can have a good ecological environment.


Reduce the use of fertilizer

Bio-organic fertilizer along with a large number of functional bacteria greatly increases the utilization of fertilizer, and generally the use of fertilizer can be reduced by 20%-30%.


Improve the quality of agricultural products

As the bio-organic fertilizer can provide sufficient, comprehensive and balanced nutrients for the plant and supply nutrients in time, fully adapted to plant growth habits and dry matter of accumulation in plant has increased significantly. They are beneficial to increase the sugar content, vitamin content and taste of fruits, vegetables and economic crops; they can prolong storage time.


Enhance plant resistance to pests and diseases

Applying biological organic fertilizer can inhibit the growth of plant pathogens and reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria; it can produce a variety of enzymes, destroy and dissolve plant pathogen cells; it can produce antibiotics directly, inhibit or kill plant pathogen and certain pests.


Not burn the seedlings

As a result of the processing of the material has been thoroughly mature, the bio organic fertilizer will not ferment again, Otherwise, during the second fermentation, the microorganisms with rapid production and crop roots fight for oxygen, which lead to seedlings and roots’ burning. So it is totally safe to apply bio organic fertilizer.



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