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What Are The Causes Of The Crop Cracking?
Jan 11, 2018

1. Cultivars

The fruit type, peel thickness, water content, sugar content and acid content of different varieties will affect fruit cracking.

Crop Cracking.jpg

2. Mismanagement

Some improper management measures, such as the early period of fruit development temperature low and sudden rise in temperature, or early lack of water, and fruit expansion period is abundant rain, will cause cracking phenomenon.

3. Nutritional imbalance

During fruit growth, the effect of phosphorus, calcium and potassium on fruit cracking is greatest, and when one or more elements are excessive or other elements are too low, the condition of the cracking is increased.

4. Improper use of plant growth regulators

In the late stage of fruit development, it is easy to cause the imbalance of hormones caused by cracking.

5. insect pests

6. Soil problems

With the increasing of soil acidification, the deficiency or imbalance of trace elements is very common, which aggravates the occurrence of fruit cracking. At ordinary times, people should apply more organic fertilizer, and reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer application.