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What Are The Benefits Of Foliar Spraying?
Aug 25, 2017

Foliar spraying can make nutrients directly into the plants body from the leaf, participate in the metabolism of crops and the synthesis process of organic matter, thus it is more quickly and effectively than soil fertilization. Its obvious advantages are as follows.


1. To supplement the deficiency of the root fertilization

When the roots of the crop are inconvenient, such as in the late stage of crop growth, its root vigor decreases, the absorptive capacity is reduced, but the crops need to recover quickly, then the use of root fertilization can not meet the needs of crops in time. The application of foliar spraying can quickly replenish nutrition and meet the needs of crop growth and development.

2. Quickly replenish nutrition

In the process of crop growth, crops may have shown some nutritional deficiencies, then the use of soil fertilization is necessary to allow the crop to absorb nutrients, it is not timely to alleviate the crop of nutrient deficiency symptoms. The use of foliar spraying, the nutrients quickly through the leaves into the plant body, to solve the problem of deficiency.

Reproduced from: Agricultural Finance Net