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What Are The Advantages Of Seaweed Fertilizer Compared With Traditional Chemical Fertilizer?
Jul 12, 2017

As seaweed fertilizer is harmless to people and livestock, and will cause no pollution to the environment, it has been listed as a special fertilizer in the production of organic agricultural products in abroad. It is the fourth generation fertilizer of natural, high efficiency and green.


Seaweed is an original producer of marine organic matter. It has a strong adsorption capacity, and can enrich 440 thousand times of its own marine material, which is very rich and balanced.

The advantages of seaweed extract compared to traditional chemical fertilizer:

Seaweed fertilizer contains more nutritious than traditional fertilizer, and the growth of crops is balanced after crop application, and the yield increasing effect is remarkable.

2. Seaweed fertilizer contains a large number of disease resistance factors and special ingredients. After crop application, the resistance to disease will be increased significantly. Foliar spraying could improve the effect of pesticides.

3. Seaweed fertilizer contains a large number of highly active ingredients, which will be easily absorbed by plants. After application, the yield and quality of crops can be increased.

4. Seaweed extract is safe and pollution-free fertilizer.