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What Are The Advantages Of Seaweed Extract Fertilizers?
Jul 03, 2017

Due to the zero pollution and harmless property, Seaweed Extract has already been listed in organic agricultural products specified fertilizer. It is a natural, green and efficient organic fertilizer. The efficiency of Seaweed extract come from the natural bioactive substances and mineral nutrients like Mannitol and PGR(Plant Growth Regulator).


Compared with traditional fertilizers, Seaweed extract has more complete nutrients, and gives a significant increase in yield. Seaweed extract fertilizer contains a lot of disease resistance factors, the use of foliar spraying can enhance crop disease resistance. Rich organic matter in seaweed fertilizer can improve soil environment. What’s more, seaweed extract fertilizer is a complete natural, green and safe organic fertilizer.


Seaweed fertilizer received a variety welcome of fertilizer producers and users in the international market . In China, it is also the first choice of agricultural products from eco-agriculture and organic horticulture.