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Three Big Mistake Of Applying Organic Fertilizer On Leaves!
Aug 23, 2017

1. Organic fertilizers can be sprayed as soon as they are boiled.

When spraying fertilizers on crops and vegetables, some farmers like to apply several foliar fertilizers together, they thinks that the more variety is, the better effect will be, and many farmers think that no matter what fertilizer, as long as the "open", you can For foliar fertilizer spray,  but sometimes it is not true.


2. The higher the spraying concentration is applied, the better the effect will be. 

Under the condition of excessive fertilizer, not only spray application will not be available, on the contrary, it will cause crop leaves dehydration and wilt, leading to fertilizer, which is similar to the risk of phytotoxicity and poison. Generally, it is better to spray the liquid to the blade and spread the fertilizer on both sides. Too much manure results in higher costs and a waste of fertilizer.

3. Organic fertilizers can be applied at any time. 

Some farmers sprayed the fertilizer on the surface, which unable to catch the key spray period. Therefore, it will not achieve the desired result.

From the time of spraying fertilizer, the effect will be better in cloudy weather or sunny morning, after the leaf dew dry, avoiding the scorching sun high temperature period.