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This Is A Good Opportunities For Development Organic Fertilizer Industry
Jul 13, 2017

In recent years, especially since this year, the organic fertilizer industry continues to introduce favorable policies. Agricultural enterprises, Breeding parks, farmers farming professional cooperatives, the attention of organic fertilizer continue to heat up, organic fertilizer industry more and more popular, so to say it is facing an unprecedented development opportunity


Carefully combed in recent years, organic fertilizer industry's positive policy began in 2015, when the Ministry of Agriculture issued <<by the 2020 fertilizer use zero growth action program>> made it clear that "Increase utilization of organic fertilizer, and reduce unreasonable Fertilizer input". In May of 2016, the State Council issued the <<Soil Pollution Prevention Action Plan>> proposed to encourage farmers to increase the organic fertilizer, reduce chemical fertilizer, livestock and poultry scale farming area to encourage the combination of crop cultivation and comprehensive utilization of livestock and poultry manure. In 2017, such good policy upgrade again. In the beginning of 2017 Central No. 1 document for the first time mentioned that "carry out organic fertilizer alternative fertilizer pilot." 10th of February, the Ministry of Agriculture issued <<Action Plan of carrying out fruit and vegetable organic fertilizer alternative fertilizer>> . 2017 selection of 100 fruit and vegetable tea key counties (cities, districts) to carry out organic fertilizer alternative fertilizer demonstration.


"The preferential policies have been introduced in succession, and this year can be said to be a good year for the organic fertilizer industry in China, and the development potential of organic fertilizer industry is huge," said Fu Chunhua, chairman of the Organic Fertilizer Association of China Agricultural Circulation Association.