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The Use Of Chemical Fertilizer Decrease By 380,000 Tons!
Jan 15, 2018

According to statistics of the National Statistical Bureau, China's agricultural fertilizer consumption is 59.84 million tons in 2016, which is reduced by 380,000 tons compared with 2015. It is the first time we achieve negative growth about agricultural fertilizer application in China since 1974.


The Agriculture Department calculates that the average utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer in the three major crops of rice, corn and wheat in 2017 was 37.8%, which was increased by 7.8% and 2.6% compared with 2013 and 2015 respectively.




The "one minus one increase" cannot be separated from our implementation: the organic fertilizer replacing the chemical fertilizer, formula fertilization based on the soil test and “zero growth” of chemical fertilizer completely realized by 2020. We strive to optimize the nitrogen, the phosphorus, the potassium, trace element and organic fertilizer application in the different regions, according to the fertilizers needed from different crops, the soil characteristic and the fertilizer effect to achieve the goal of environmental protection.


Although the fertilizer itself is harmless, the use of more than the crop demanding will create resource and environment problems. Chemical fertilizer application can be reduced by optimizing fertilization structure, largely applying organic fertilizer to replace traditional fertilizer, improving arable land quality, improving fertilizer utilization efficiency, and promote agriculture from excessive reliance on resource consumption to the pursuit of green ecological sustainable transformation. In the end, we can embark on an environmental friendly modern agricultural development road with high output efficiency, product safety, and resource conservation.