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The Significance Of Super-Molecular Structure Of Humic Acid
Apr 02, 2018

(1) The super-molecular structure of humic acid contains almost 240 different kinds of auxin analogues, which can close to the plant cells and cells external receptors to increase the activity of the Proton pump.


(2) We can through catalyst technology to ensure humuss polymerization in water and soil, so the loose humus can become real positive valence ionic bonds connected polymer. These sedimentation technology can control soil organic matter management to reduce the rick of soil erosion, limit the expansion of desertification, so it can significantly improve soil productivity.


(3) If the soil humus can be controlled to finish polymerization in situ, so the release of CO2 from agricultural soil can be controlled, organic carbon can be isolated in stable humus, micro organisms metallogenesis can be restricted.


(4) The fine chemical analysis of humic acid molecules and physiological studies of plant effects may clarify the mechanism of soil humus during the crops production, which may also restore peoples interest in past humus fertility.

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