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The Role Of Humic Acid On Soil Repair
Oct 09, 2018

The role of humic acid on soil repair

Soil repair refers to transfer, absorb, or degrade the pollutants in soil by physical, chemical way, and reduce the pollutants to acceptable standard.


Humic acid is the main role of all humus, its chemical structure is very complex with various active functional group including carboxyl, phenol, ketone, phenol hydroxyl. The special structure and physicochemical properties of humic acid determine its important role in ecological restoration.


Humic acid is rich in a large amount of ions, which can replace the heavy metal ions in the chelated and complexed states with their own ions, so that heavy metals are not easily absorbed by crops, so that crops are not easily contaminated by heavy metals.


Fulvi acid has low molecular weight, which is beneficial to the activation, compatibilization and desorption of heavy metals.