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The Number Of Patent Records For Humic Acid Fertilizer Sharply Increased In Three Years!
Sep 04, 2017

At present, the fertilizer industry is in reshuffle period, all kinds of fertilizer swarmed. On this background, to strengthen fertilizer technology innovation and intellectual property protection, to enhance the competitiveness of fertilizer enterprises and promote fertilizer industry restructuring and optimization of fertilizer industry is of great significance. Humic acid fertilizer as flavor in a new era of fertilizer industry, accompanied by changes in the pace of fertilizer industry, its technological progress more and more significant.


According to the statistics of China Humic Acid Industry Association, the number of admissibility and authorization of humic acid fertilizers and manufacturing patent applications in China increased rapidly from 2015 to 2015, with 2704 and 428 in 2015 respectively. Compared with 2014, 371.1% and 35.4% respectively, compared with 2013, respectively, increased by 761.1% and 56.8%. The number of patent applications for humic acid fertilizers is growing at a rate of more than three times a year, reflecting the pace of technological progress in the humic acid fertilizer industry.