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The Misconceptions Of Humic Acid Application
Jan 25, 2018

Some people think that there are no obvious effect after using humic acid fertilizers, why?


Here I would like to summarize several common mistakes.


1. During humic acid application, it does not mean the more the better, but few quantity at many times. Compared with 5kg fertilization in one time, it’s more effective, if you use 1 kilograms at a time and use consecutive times.


2. Water flushing fertilizer should be combined with foliar spray fertilizer together, So the synergistic effect would be more obvious.


3. Not every crop has a visible effect on humic acids. When using, the enthusiasm for crop reaction must be recognized in advance. First, humic acid has a very good effect on root crops, so the promotional testing should be pay attention to radish, potatoes, sweet potatoes and so on. Second, it’s good for the Melon, which has a generous leafs and wheat, rice and so on. Third, there is no obvious effect to rapeseed, castor and other oilseed crops.Although it has the actual effect, such as: the speed of root or root crown development. However, the data can only be detected by scientific methods, it can not be distinguished through eyes.


4. Soil itself contains a lot of humus, if the soil condition is very good, the effect of humic acid fertilization is not obvious. Therefore, humic acid can be used to "timely help", rather than "icing on the cake." It is much more effective to use 1 kg humic acid for problematic soils than 5 kg for normal soil.

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