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The Mechanism Of Humic Acid
Sep 08, 2017

Humic acid is a plant and animal remains, mainly plant remains, through microbial decomposition and transformation, as well as a series of geochemical processes and accumulation kind of organic matter.

Soil organic matter has two different kind: one is fresh and incompleted decomposed animal and plant residues, the other is humus. 

In humus, not only it contains organic remains, further decomposed kind of products and microbial re-synthetic kind of the products, but also it has a large number of humic acid. Coal humic acid contained in peat and leonardite are similar with soil humic acids structure, character and function. The abundant reserves of coal humic acid and its series products applied as fertilizer, it can be regard as a source of humic acid supplement.


Coal humic acid as an organic colloid, In the long term, it can promote the formation of soil aggregates, improve the soil structure, so that the soil ventilation, breathability can be greatly improved and reduce the pH of alkaline soil.  

Humic acid has the ability to fix nitrogen and potassium, decompose phosphate. So humic acid can promote the absorption of phosphorus, phosphorus and potassium. 

From the perspective of agricultural applications, humic acid also has a strong ability of drought, disease resistance, anti-low temperature, anti-salt effect.