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The Held Of Tibetan Symposium About Organic Fertilizer Market
Jun 23, 2017

On 9th June, the Symposium about organic fertilizer market in Tibet was held. The agendas of the Symposium contain “the influence that organic fertilizers did for soil, plant production and plant quality”, “the feasibility of substituting chemical fertilizers as organic fertilizers” and “the situation and development trend about organic fertilizer market in Tibet”.  

With the faster development of intensive and large-scale agriculture, the soil fertility and organic matter content in some area of Tibet have been decreasing. Therefore, in order to change the Tibet agriculture’s over-reliance on chemical fertilizer, people in Tibet need to decrease the use of chemical fertilizer and develop the substantial products. 


As known, The Soil and Plant Nutrition Association of Tibetan National Autonomous Region had many research projects in last year like research about balanced fertilization. They also collected the soil samples over 800, and mastered the soil situation and development trend about all main agricultural area. The association’s behaviors means a lot for the development of Tibetan agriculture.