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The Gift For 60 Years Of Humic Acid Environmental Friendly Industrial Development-III
Aug 15, 2017


Recently 12 achievements have won worldwide attention on 60 year celebration congress.①The humic acid is one of the most representative of the green chemical industry,it is the favourite of the ecological environment,nature spirit,a good partner of mankind and an important part of the earth's carbon cycle.Humic acid is a small industry, but it requires high technology and has big market. Humic acid man do "small things", in fact, they do "great things ".③"Let humic acid water soluble fertilizer benefit all mankind"and" Let China open the new life movement of peat industry",which make the Chinese humic acid environment friendly "green"  industry attract world attention.The positive effect of humic acid soil on Carbon Stabilization and carbon sequestration is an immeasurable positive role in greenhouse gas emission reduction.Humic acid is most closely to agriculture and associated with sustainable development of agriculture.Humic acid has become a forthgoer in building a beautiful China and harmonious society.⑦The combination of humic acid and chemical fertilizer is bound to come out of a new way.⑧In Sixty years, the humic acid industry has always adhered to the professional, green, environmental protection, efficient development concept, and actively promoted the fertilizer products and technological innovation, helped agriculture green development, which reflects the responsibility to play.⑨"Let us fix a standard ring (carbon chain) for the great ecological home of the earth" is a great idea and action plan.⑩Establishing"green (Sinkiang) fund of China humic acid industry",introducing to Sinkiang and bringing benefit to "The Belt and Road"countries along the route.