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The Gift For 60 Years Of Humic Acid Environmental Friendly Industrial Development-II
Aug 02, 2017


History is doomed to freeze in July 21, 2017,on this day, the great action to commemorate the 60 year celebration of China's environmental friendly industrial development of humic acid is destined to be started at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing.By then, the NPC, the National Committee of the cppcc national leaders, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environmental Protection and other departments will be invited to join together.


On the occasion of 1 month before the official opening ,more than 300 representatives from all walks of life have signed up for the meeting.There are China Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University and other well-known institutions of experts, and also some companies.


On the occasion of 60 years of humic acid environmental friendly industrial development, let us thank for the long and hard development of humic acid industry and all the humic acid man who were witnessing the growth course during the past 60 years.