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The Gift For 60 Years Of Humic Acid Environmental Friendly Industrial Development-I
Jul 25, 2017


Humic acid environment friendly industry has been developing for 60 years, fertilizer has occupied half of the industry, and the achievements are most fruitful. Especially in the past 3 years, humic acid, humic acid fertilizer Consciously shared the earth mother's cares and burdens ,at the same time they played a vanguard role in carrying out zero growth of chemical fertilizer by the country, transformation of chemical fertilizer industry and fertilizer supply side reform action.

To greet the 60 years of humic acid environmental friendly industrial,the association especially edited “binary star “magazines including “China humic acid fertilizer patent selection index“ and“Literature analysis of humic acid fertilizer in China“,with the aim of providing directions for the future development of humic acid fertilizer industry so that we could give a better service to the modern agricultural production.

By cutting out the superfluous,“binary star “is regarded as a core literature which noted that humic acid is beneficial to soil and fertility,core fire can start a prairie fire. In the new period,during the construction of solid manure new relations, creating a new direction of"fertilizer industry 4" through the integration of "humic acid +"and large and medium micronutrients also beneficial elements has been becoming irreplaceable.

Thank you for your hard work in the humic acid fertilizer industry during the past 60 years!We believe that, with our unremitting efforts by their experience, the future of humic acid fertilizer industry will be more and more broad, growing and dynamic! Let humic acid change white chemical fertilizer into black fertilizer and restore soil color, which will have a great influence on agriculture environment in China and even in the worldwide.