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The Effect And Function Of Amino Acid Micro-fertilizer
Aug 21, 2018

The effect and function of amino acid micro-fertilizer


It is found that compound amino acids in chelating agents are the best and the lowest price. Its stability constant is not only moderate, but also not disturbed by soil pH and other ions. It can be directly absorbed by crops. Amino acid micro-fertilizer, which is used in crops, has obvious effects on increasing yield, improving quality, reducing pesticide residue and protecting ecological environment. Therefore, amino acid micro-fertilizer has played an increasingly important role in agricultural production, playing an increasingly important role.


Amino acid micro-fertilizers are used in a wide range of food crops (rice, wheat, corn) to oil crops (canola, soybeans, peanuts), as well as cash crops (cotton, tea, tobacco, mulberry), fruits (apples, pears, Citrus, lychee, longan, peach, plum, apricot, grape), vegetables (cucumber, green vegetables, lentils), etc., have a different degree of promotion for almost all crops.


But for different crops, their methods of use are different and their effects are different. Generally speaking, there are 3 ways of spraying, seed dressing and base application. Spraying with 300--600 times of liquid is good, and seed dressing is preferably 1%. Comparing with the yield increasing effect, spraying is better than seed dressing and base application.