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The Do's And Don'ts Of Organic Fertilizer Applied As Top Dressing
Dec 15, 2017

Organic manure is an ideal base fertilizer in agricultural production. Two methods of its application as top dressing are used: applying to the soil and root outside fertilization. Fertilization into soil should not be too deep (generally near the root-dense layer), and be covered by the earth after application to avoid loss of nutrients volatilizing; Fertilization as top dressing outside of the roots, the dilution of organic fertilizer and water is in the proportion of 1:10, take the upper pure liquid fertilizer into the sprayer until the evenly mixed liquid fertilizer stands still, evenly sprayed in the crops’ leaves on different sides for foliar entire absorption.

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Organic manure should be noted when it is used as top dressing:


1. Applying after it is matured. Because organic fertilizer is processed by biological material, animal and plant waste and plant residues, which often carry harmful substances such as bacteria. The directly applying it to the soil will affect the growth of crops, so it should be used after accumulated fermentation and fully decomposed.


2. Mix with chemical fertilizers. The organic manure is abundant in nutrients while chemical fertilizers are easily get decomposed but the stamina is insufficient, so in this case organic manure and inorganic fertilizer can be applied together to meet the needs of crop fertilizer.


3. Combination with the application of biological bacteria fertilizer. The beneficial bacteria in bio-fertilizer can not only accelerate the decomposition of organic manure but also decompose and transform-ate the harmful substances in organic manure.


4. Applying high quality organic fertilizer. The rapid growth of crops requires a lot of nitrogen, potassium and other nutrients, however the nitrogen and potassium content in general organic fertilizer is not high. In order to ensure the rapid growth of crops demanding for nutrients, the use of high quality organic fertilizer that contains high content of nitrogen, potassium nutrient content.


Those points listed above should be paid attention to while the organic fertilizer is used as top dressing to avoid any loss.