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The Choice Of Humic Acid Fertilizer Is Exquisite!
Feb 13, 2018

First, choose the humic acid fertilizer according to the application method. If it is used for water flushing, drip irrigation or foliar spraying, it is recommended to use  potassium humate and ammonium humate fertilizer, or choose the potassium fulvate or ammonium fulvate, which is made from fulvic acid with the lowest molecular weight and the highest activity of humic acid and can be absorbed directly by the plant. Fulvic acid has good water solubility, high activity, and has a chelating effect on medium and trace elements.Therefore, it is very suitable for water flushing, drip irrigation, or foliar spraying, and the drought resistance of potassium fulvate is very strong; If it is used as a base fertilizer, it is recommended to choose ammonium humate or ammonium nitrate humate and other fertilizers. It should be buried in the soil when applied, because ammonium humate is a combination of humic acid and ammonium bicarbonate, which is easy to volatilize and does not recommend to use it through flushing or foliar spraying. In addition, sodium humate should not be used in the soil with high pH value (saline alkali land).


Second, choose the humic acid fertilizer according to the crop preferences and growing nodes. Take fruit trees as an example,fertilization in autumn should focus on the application of phosphate &potassium fertilizer;in spring, it should mainly apply nitrogen fertilizer; phosphate &potassium fertilizer are recommended during germination period; nitrogen & potassium fertilizer are recommended during fruits expansion. Therefore, in the selection of humic acid fertilizer, high nitrogen, high phosphorus, high potassium, or balanced humic acid fertilizer should be selected according to the elements needed in the period of crop growth;In addition, we must also combine the preferences of crops fertilization.


Third, choose the humic acid fertilizer according to the crop type and cost. Humic acid fertilizer is divided into humic acid fertilizer, humic acid compound fertilizer, humic acid organic fertilizer, humic acid organic inorganic compound fertilizer, humic acid trace element fertilizer according to the type and quantity of nutrients. For field crops, it is recommended to choose humic acid compound fertilizer because it is easy to use and cost-effective; For vegetables and fruit trees, it is recommended to choose humic acid organic fertilizer, humic acid organic - inorganic compound fertilizer or humic acid trace element fertilizers, since the organic matter in these fertilizers can reach 20 ~ 45%, which can effectively improve the taste and color of crops; If it is used for water flushing or foliar spraying, it is recommended to choose water-soluble fertilizer that contains humic acid or fulvic acid, although this kind of fertilizer is high in price, it has fast and good results, so it's used more for higher value-added cash crops. Humic acid can be used in the whole growth period of crop, but for economical reasons, it can be water flushed 1-2 times in each of the four critical periods after crop transplanting, pre-blossom, enlargement and color change. It will be better to combine with foliar spray in the period of expansion and color conversion.

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