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The Birth Of High Quality Humic Acid
Dec 29, 2017

The selection of raw materials: Leonardite and young leonardite are the common materials we select.Young leonardite has a light degree of coalification, it contains many organic active groups with the function of strong adsorption, complexation (chelation), oxidation, reduction, ion exchange and other functions, it is currently recognized as the world's high quality raw materials of humic acid (HA).

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Molecular Recombination Technology: After the crushing, we do Molecular Recombination Technology under the action of catalyst, so the humic acid can be break into tiny one and can be easily be absorbed.


Extraction: We normally add potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide to extraction under the certain temperature conditions for a certain period of time.


Solid-liquid Separating: In this part, we use two different centrifuging, so our humic acid has a very good water solubility and has a low content of insoluble matters. Some small factory use very simple method in this step, they just put them down and wait, they can also got the solid-liquid separating, but the insoluble matter would be very high.


At last, through the drying, we got the final humic acid powder.