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The Application Of Foliar Spray On Cucumber
Jan 17, 2018

Foliar fertilizer is one of the important fertilizers that need to be used in cucumber cultivation. Here are some precautions while applying foliar fertilizer to the cucumber.


1. The foliar fertilizer with a large number of hormones to be used with caution. Since this kind of fertilizer contains a lot of hormones will make premature of plants, the yield decrease in the end and the quality decline.

Foliar Fertilizer.jpg

2. The use of foliar fertilizer are generally in the fruiting stage because it has adequate nutrients in the early period. However, after the fruiting, the reproductive growth is vigorous, which requires more fertilizers. In addition, the temperature is low at this stage, the activity of the root system is poor and the nutrient absorption capacity is reduced. In order to meet the requirement of normal fruiting, the application of foliar fertilizers can supply plants essential nutrients.


3. Should pay close attention to changes in cucumber leaves, timely replenishment of calcium, iron, zinc, boron and other elements to prevent the occurrence of deficiency.


4 . Foliar spray requires small droplets, evenly spraying, with particular attention to spray the vigorous growth of the upper leaves and the back of the leaves, because the new leaves has has stronger absorption of nutrients than the old leaves and the nutrients can be faster absorbed on the back of leaf back  than the front. Therefore, the foliar fertilizer, should be sprayed on both sides of leaf, as meticulous as possible.


5. Spraying time should be appropriate. It is the best to have the foliar spray done in the evening without wind. It will reduce the concentration of the solution and the effect of fertilization in the dew morning spraying. The foliar spray shouldn’t be proceeded during rainy or just before rainy day, because the nutrients easily go leaching. If the spraying made 3 hours after the rain, spray the fertilizer when it is sunny, but the concentration should be reduced.