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The Application Of Amino Acid Biostimulant
May 17, 2018

It is generally considered that proteins are consisted by above 51 amino acids, 11~50 amino acids are usually called peptides, 2~10 amino acids are called oligopeptides (or oligopeptides, small peptides), single amino acid is defined as free amino acid, and its relative molecular weight is the smallest. In theory, the smaller the molecular weight is, the easier it is to be absorbed, but it may not be the truth. More than a dozen different free amino acids are competitive and antagonistic in the process of being absorbed by plants, as we know sixteen nutrients, mutually promoting, competing and antagonizing each other.

Although polypeptides, oligopeptides, and amino acids are all derived from the gradual breakdown of proteins, oligopeptides have unique physiological functions (growth regulation, disease resistance, etc.) that are not possessed by amino acids, which are more easily absorbed by plants and do not consume their own energy. Oligopeptides and peptides are also plant endogenous hormones, which play an important role in plant development. The mechanism of polypeptide hormones is very complex. Only oligopeptides can have thousands of different combinations.

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Many enterprises will add some bioactive substances on the basis of the total amino acids (peptides, oligopeptides and free amino acids), such as amino acid derivatives, vitamin series, betaine, seaweed and other plant extracts, to make full use of the functional properties of these active substances and combine with amino acids to play a greater role.