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The Advantages Of Foliar Spray By Water Soluble Humic Acid Fertilizers
Aug 01, 2017


1. High nutrient absorption rate


Humic acid could reach plant organs within 24 hours, which is faster than soil fertilization. The timely spraying of humic acid can alleviate the symptom of deficiency and restore the crops as soon as possible when a certain symptom occurs.


2. High Nutrient Utilization


Humic acid can not only increase the utilization rate of nitrogen and phosphorus, but also increase the utilization of potash fertilizer. Water-soluble fertilizers containing humic acid increase the utilization rate of fertilizers in different degrees.


3. Promote photosynthesis and improve crop stress


Humic acid can promote the conversion of low-molecular-weight compounds into macromolecule in plant cells.


4. Increase production and improve quality


Various studies have shown that humic acid water soluble fertilizers have a significant effect on increasing yield and promoting growth of all kinds of plants, and they also greatly improve the quality of plants.


5. Easy to use and cost-effective


The foliar spraying amount of humic acid water soluble fertilizer is about several percentage of the amount of soil fertilization, which is extremely economical.


Reproduced from: Humic Acid