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Reasons That Caused Soil Hardening
Jun 26, 2018

Reasons that caused soil hardening

Soil hardening will decrease soil permeability, which is not conducive to crop growth. Following listed some reasons that caused soil harden:



1. Long-term single application of chemical fertilizers.
Farmhouse manure is severely deficient, too much phosphorus fertilizer is applied, so caused soil organic matter reducing, humus can not be replenished timely, which caused soil compaction.


2. Accumulation of harmful substances.

In some places, groundwater and industrial waste water contains high content of toxic substances, and the long term use of these water sources will cause excessive accumulation of toxic substances, which is the reason that caused surface soil harden.


3. Excess nitrogen fertilizer application.

The nitrogen supply of microorganisms increases by 1 and the corresponding consumed carbon will be increases by 25. The carbon consumed is derived from organic matter in the soil, so that lead to low content of organic matter, which affects the activity of microorganisms, thus affecting the formation of soil aggregates and leading to soil hardening.


4. Excessive application of phosphate fertilizer.

Phosphate ions in phosphate fertilizers will be easy to combine with calcium, magnesium and other cations in the soil to form insoluble phosphates, which wastes phosphate fertilizers and destroys soil aggregate structure, so that resulting in soil compaction.