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Protecting The Soil Security, And Refusing Fertilizer Dyeing !
Aug 14, 2017

Chairman Zeng Xiancheng was invited to attend the launching ceremony of “ Protecting the soil security, and refusing fertilizer dyeing ”the large public welfare activities jointly organized by the China Cooperation Times and the China Agricultural Resources and Guizhou Kaidu Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. in Guiyang. Ecological fertilizer forum recently.


At the meeting, the chairman Zeng on behalf of the organizers and the National Agricultural Technology Promotion Service Center, the National Fertilizer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing), China Agricultural Production Information Circulation Association, China Humic Acid Industry Association, China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association, China Phosphate Compound Fertilizer Industry Association, China inorganic salt industry association potash fertilizer industry branch and other seven institutions read the "Protecting the soil security, and refusing fertilizer dyeing "proposal: protecting the soil security, refused to use fertilizer stains, refused to use dyeing fertilizer, return fertilizers to original ecology, reduce soil pollution, reduce the burden on farmers, protect the fertile soil of China, to China's agriculture and to the future generations to sow the infinite Gospel! At the same time, the chairman was appointed by the organizer, indite two poems <<Advocating the original>> <<joyful of original fertilizer>>, congratulations to the success of the forum!

In the guests interview of the "Promotion of ecological fertilizers, protect soil sacurity," Chairman Zeng pointed out that humic acid from the soil and back to the soil is the largest ecology, humic acid fertilizer and soil harmony is the largest ecology, Make Humic acid fertilizers and crop growth work together is the greatest ecology.