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Organic Liquid Fertilizer Formulation
Dec 25, 2017

In agricultural production, the role of medium-trace elements can increase yield, improve quality, nutrient composition, appearance, color, taste and nitrate content, and improve resistance, etc. The medium elements that the crop is easy to lack are: silicon, calcium, and magnesium. And the trace elements are: zinc, boron, iron, and manganese.

The trace elements in fertilizer are easily to have chemical reaction with some ions of soil, which will make them useless. The effective way to solve this problem is that, to use chelating agents to generate stable chelate by metal ions and chelating agent. The most easy-to-get and affordable chelating agent is humic acid.

Due to the complex structure and heterogeneity of humic acid, the interaction will happen between humic acid and cation. When absorb cation, it will result in a typical chelating reaction.

The large surface of humic acid can have strong adsorption force on the surrounding molecules or ions and exchange ability of ions, which plays an important role in increasing fertilizer functions and activating soil closed nutrients. Humic acids can form soluble complexes (chelate) with mineral elements in the soil. It will promote trace elements like Fe, B, Zn with poor mobility  transported from the root to the upward, and then to other leaf diffusion, which has an important impact to improve the mineral nutrition of crops, adjust the balance of a large number of elements and microelements, and improve the yield and quality of agricultural products .

The method to maximize the effect of trace elements in fertilizers is foliar spraying, so it is the best choice to compound the organic liquid fertilizer containing trace elements according to soil and environment.

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GREENFERT has a lot of experience in making customized liquid products, for example, in alkaline soils, except for the increase in the effectiveness of molybdenum, the other trace elemants’ effectiveness will be reduced. Various crops have different needs and different sensitivity of trace elements For example, corn and beans are sensitive to zinc; sugar beet is highly sensitive to manganese elements; wheat and onions are sensitive to copper elements; while all crops need iron. We are able to provide professional liquid fertilizer proposals according to the needs of different crops , so that you can use affordable prices to obtain the most benefits.