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Organic Fertilizer Provides Crops Nutrients And Enhance Their Resistance
May 29, 2018

The most prominent role of organic fertilizer is to improve soil organic matter.

It plays a huge role in agricultural production.


Organic fertilizers contain a large amount of nutrients, trace elements, sugars, and fats that plants need. CO2 released by organic fertilizer can be used as a kind of material for photosynthesis. Organic fertilizer can also contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to provide comprehensive nutritions for crops.


At the same time, organic fertilizer is decomposed in the soil. During the process, humic acid is formed, a kind of macromolecule material, which has good complexation adsorption property, has good complexation adsorption to heavy metal ions, can effectively reduce the toxicity of heavy metal ions to crops and prevents them from entering the plant, and protects the rhizome of the crops that has absorbed humic acid material.


Organic fertilizer contains vitamins, antibiotics, etc., can increase crop resistance, reduce or prevent diseases. After the organic fertilizer is applied to the soil, it can enhance the water storage capacity of the soil, and it can enhance the drought resistance of the crop under drought conditions.

At the same time, organic fertilizer can also loosen the soil, improve the ecological environment of the crops roots, promote root growth, enhance root vigor,

improve crop tolerance and reduce plant mortality, and increase the survival

rate of agricultural products.

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