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Organic Fertilizer Can Reduce The Dosage Of Fertilization
Jun 15, 2018

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Organic fertilizer can improve soil physical and chemical properties, improve soil fertility and promote soil microbial activity. It is with comprehensive nutrients and long lasting fertilizer efficiency. Organic fertilizer can also help to reduce fertilizer cost, maintain and promote soil nutrient balance. The new type of water soluble organic fertilizer will escort green agricultural and pollution-free agricultural products.


With the development of modern agriculture, the combination of organic and chemical fertilizers has become the core of zero-growth of fertilizer application, and it is also an important measure to build high yield and stable farmland, and an significant guarantee for sustainable agriculture. Organic water-soluble fertilizer can be used with drip irrigation, spraying and conventional control methods, which is low cost, easy to use and popularize.


A large number of experimental results show that the use of organic fertilizers can reduce the dosage of chemical fertilizers, increase the utilization rate of fertilizers, reduce production costs and increase farmers’ income, showing a strong adaptability and popularization. The organic water soluble fertilizer can boost the soil’s recuperation and the restoration. Besides, the application of organic water-soluble fertilizer to soil can improve the soil micro-biological diversity, promote the formation of soil aggregates, improve soil fertility, permeability and water retention capacity.