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Nine Advantages Of Amino Acid Fertilizers
Nov 06, 2018

Nine Advantages of Amino Acid Fertilizers


6. Increased metabolic function and improved anti-inversion ability.


After the amino acid is absorbed by the crop, it can strengthen its physiological and biochemical function. The crop’s stems stout, the leaf thickening, the leaf area expanding, dry matter formation and accumulation accelerate the early ripening of crops, which is also due to their own vitality enhanced. For example, their cold and drought resistance, anti-dry hot air, anti-insect resistance and lodging performance are improved, resulting in stable yield.



6. Well-developed root system and strong absorption capacity.


Amino acid on the root development of the crop has a special role in promoting, many agricultural personnel called amino acids as "root fertilizer", the main effect on the root system is to stimulate the root end of the division and growth of the cells, so that it makes the seedling root grow fast, the secondary root increase, the root quantity increase and boost the root elongation, ultimately leading to the ability of the crop to absorb water and nutrient increase greatly.


7. Effects on the growth of some of the above ground nutrients.


On the basis of abundant supply, the stimulation effect of amino acid is to make the plant grow exuberantly, which is manifested in plant height, stem thickness, leaf number and dry matter accumulation.


8. Effects of amino acids on physiological metabolism and enzyme activity of crops.


After the amino acid enters the plant body, it can stimulate the plant, mainly manifests in the respiration intensity increases, the photosynthesis increasing, each kind of enzyme activity strengthening, thus contributing to the fruit early coloring ripe, obtains the high yield, enhances the output value.