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Nine Advantages Of Amino Acid Fertilizers
Oct 30, 2018

Nine Advantages of Amino Acid Fertilizers


Amino acid fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer containing a variety of nutrients, which has complete nutrient, high activity, is a very useful fertilizer, so what are the advantages of amino acid fertilizers?


1. Amino acids can promote photosynthesis in plants. Glycine in amino acids can increase the content of plant chlorophyll, promote the uptaking and utilization of carbon dioxide by crops. It increases the power of photosynthesis and makes photosynthesis more vigorous.


2. The nutrition effect of Multi-amino acids mixed is good. The effect of amino acid mixture is higher than that of the single amino acid, and also higher than that of equal nitrogen amount of inorganic nitrogen fertilizer. A large number of amino acids increase the nutrient utilization by its superposition effect.


3. Fast Fertilizer efficiency. Amino acid in the amino acid fertilizer can be directly absorbed by the plant's various organs, passively absorbed under photosynthesis or absorbed through infiltration. The obvious effect will come out after use in the short term. At the same time, it can promote the early ripening of crops and shorten the growth cycle.


4. Improve crops quality. The variety of amino acids can improve the quality of crops. For example, the protein content in the grain can increase 3%, the quality of cotton velvet is good and its fiber is long, high sugar content of fruits, etc. Besides, it contributes to good storage and the conversion benefit is remarkable.


5. Out of pollution and improve the ecological environment. There is no residue in fertilizer applied in the field, which can improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, improve the fertility and permeability of water and play a role in curing, maturing and improving soil. (To be continued)