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New Multifunctional Humic Acid Super Absorbent Polymer
Aug 29, 2017


The cost of the new super absorbent polymer is almost equal to the half of the normal product which could attribute to the low cost of humic acid. Because of property of humic acid in stimulating the growth of plant and improving the physical and chemical properties of soil, this product could take advantage in water absorbent, improving the growth of plant, increasing the fertility of soil, etc.

This super absorbent polymer could develop the potentiality application of lignite, increase the value of coal application. With the lignite of leonardite humic acid used as primary material, it would take the advantage in improving the property of super absorbent polymer, reducing the cost, improving the physical and chemical properties of soil, stimulating the growth of plant, keeping water in soil and improving the soil quality, preventing from the harm dust storms, etc.

With the development of protecting environment and exploitation of the western area, the demand of this new multifunctional humic acid-super absorbent polymer would be increasing steadily. And it would bent an important horticultural and agricultural material in future. Thus, this multifunctional super absorbent polymer would play an important role in horticulture and agriculture, and may take considerable great social and economic benefits.