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What Are The Common Functional Foliar Fertilizers? Why Are They So Popular?
Jul 10, 2017

Functional foliar fertilizers include plant growth regulator type foliar fertilizer and natural active substance type foliar fertilizer.


1. Plant growth regulator type foliar fertilizer

This kind of foliar fertilizer has been added into PGR (Plant growth regulator). Its main function is to Regulate crop growth and development. It’s suitable to use it in the preterm and medium term of plant growth process. The common plant growth regulator like Gibberellin, could significantly promote crop growth and regulate flowering of plants. Another PGR is called Betaine which can promote the quality of plant rooting and improve crop stress resistance.


2. Natural active substance type foliar fertilizer

This kind of foliar fertilizer contains extracts from natural substances, such as seaweed, straw, leonardite, etc. They could produce substances like amino acid, humic acid and algae acid. These substances could stimulate crop growth, promote crop metabolism and increase the stress resistance of crops themselves.