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Misunderstandings And Suggestions On Fertilization Of Fruit Trees
Jun 23, 2017

1. Too little organic fertilizer

Normally, it should be 1 kg organic fertilizer for 1kg fruit. High-yielding orchards need 2kg or more. If you want a high output of fruit, you should apply more organic fertilizers and reduce the application of chemical fertilizers.


2. The amount of nitrogen fertilizer is too large

Applying too much nitrogen fertilizer would increase the incidence of fruit tree disease, and reduce the level of fruit’s colors and sweetness.


3. The amount of phosphate fertilizer is too large

The over-high content of Phosphate would make the fruit being Iron and Zinc deficiency, and then appear Yellow leaf disease and Lobular disease.


4. Unreasonable fertilization time

Fertilization should be divided into three periods: spring, fruit enlargement period and autumn. Many people do not use fertilizer in autumn, but actually there are many advantages of using fertilizers in autumn: it would ensure high yield in the next year and improve the cold resistance of fruit trees. If using foliar spray, it will enhances photosynthesis and reserves more photosynthetic substances. 

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