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Make Humic Acid Enterprises Become Perfect GREEN ANGEL
Jul 31, 2017

Recently, the "China Petrochemical Federation of the 21st Lecture" held in Beijing Chemical Publishing House, Petrochemical Federation President Li Shousheng gave a lecture <<the United States, Japan multinational innovation and development Report>>


Li Shousheng President from the United States, Japan and the development of advanced strategic concept of innovation; the United States, Japan innovation and development of advanced technology highlights; the United States, Japan innovation and development of the usefulness of reference and other three aspects, shared with the United States and Japan Chemical The harvest of the enterprise. He pointed out that our chemical enterprises should to learn from the United States and Japan's advanced concepts, technology, experience, combined with their own advantages, vigorously develop China's unique advantages of the chemical industry.  


Humic acid as the emerging green chemical industry, should seize the critical period of country have launched the ecological environment construction, give full play to their own advantages, both learn to the United States strategy, but also to learn meticulous in Japan, through innovation, rapid promotion of enterprise development , For the country's environment-friendly, seek major events, grasp the specific, make humic acid become perfect "green angel".