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Let Humic Acid Become The Outright Green Angel
Jul 11, 2017


In the afternoon of Jun 27, 2017,"Twenty-first sessions of the Sinopec forum" was held at Beijing Chemical Press,the chairman of the Federation of petrochemical industry Li Shousheng gave a lecture on "an investigation report on the innovation and development of American and Japanese transnational corporations".

President Li Shousheng shared us with his achievements during the field trip to the United States and Japan's chemical enterprises from the following 3 aspects:

①Advanced strategic concept of innovation and development in United States and Japan.

②Advanced technological highlights of innovation and development in the United States and Japan.

③Useful enlightenment from innovation and development in the United States and Japan.

He pointed out that as a new green chemical industry,we should seize the key period of ecological environment construction which has been vigorously carried out by the government,give full play to humic acid's own advantages, learn the strategy from the United States and precision from Japan .And we must improve the level of enterprise development rapidly by innovation, seek major events and grasp the specific concrete for friendly environment, Let humic acid become the outright "green angel".